Thursday, 15 July 2010

Could somebody ...

... be doing with bending their elbows a little bit?
Still, lovely to see the brilliance that is Aston Hill in the sun. And to see a crafty piece of boardwalk cutting off that little ass of a final corner on the route that always, always, always (except for a few times) catches my elbow. Oh, how ironic.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Things I have learnt from riding in Whistler

1) The Canadian word 'intermediate' roughly translates into England English as: 'WOAH! Holy f**k! Are you insane?!'
2) Being able to clear jumps on Crank It Up, does not automatically mean you can clear jumps on A Line, unless landing on your face counts as an official landing.
3) Elbow pads look rubbish but tucking and rolling without them stings a bit.
4) Whiskey Jack accommodation at Whistler Creek is pretty freakin amazing value for money. Book through and get an entire house for $80 a night.
5) The Evil Revolt is one of the only times when day-glo looks awesome. Pretty awesome.
6) It is not necessary to try and show off in front of Thomas Vanderham. He is better than you.
7) The Lift Coffee Company does the best sausage rolls on the entire planet. I know this to be fact as I have relatives in Scunthorpe and they live for sausage rolls up there. 4369 Main Street, Whistler.
8) Kona Stinky's are absolute pish. Norco A Line's are actually pretty damn good.
9) Spreading my knees could finally be the key to getting on in life. On the bike people! Jeez.
10) Large black crash pads around cable car poles are not actually black bears, despite their resemblance when going mach 10. Either way, it's best to continue with the turn as initiated rather than lose concentration for a split second. I refer you back to number 3.

I actually think Whistler is the best place on earth. Maybe. Bit expensive.

p.s. that's not me in the photo. Yet.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Helibiking in Scotland with Peaty, Hans and Danny. Oh. Yes.

Y'all seen this video? It's by Reset Films of the first ever heli-bike expedition extravaganza whoop da do da in the UK.
Props to Euan at HandI, looks like a blast.

HandI Adventures - Hans Rey, Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill from on Vimeo.
Lovely soundtrack by Gomez - good choice boys! Get Myself Arrested. What a tune. That's not the song in the video but I'm just saying.

Oh and I've just got back from  an epic trip to BC. I know, I know. Life is tough. Blogs to follow once the bruises have healed as there is so much riding outside of Whistler. Who'd have thought it?