Friday, 11 September 2009

The dilemmas of cycling

Oh sweet lord, what a week! I mean, seriously. First there's the video of me and other Tom (Robbins of the Observer) doing stage six of the Tour of Britain which had most people chanting one of two things: 'Taxi?!' or 'What the freakin hell is wrong with your eyes?'

Then there was Dr Peat's win in Australia, whoop whoop! I managed to pin him down for an interview and was so flabbergastedly (yes that is a word) awestruck that when I looked back at my notepad after 15 minutes, all I had written down was 'fry-up.' Expect a blog next week about Steve Peat's fry-up fetish.

And finally there is the mega massive dilemma which is this weekend. NPS 4X final at Chicksands. 423 DH race at Aston Hill. First cyclocross race of the season in Deal. All on the same day - Sunday. WHICH ONE DO I GO TO?????????????? Damn and blast it. It's now Friday night and two vodkas and ginger ales down I still can't decide.

Cycling is not a hobby. It is life. I get itchy if I don't ride. Maybe a quick blast around Dorking tomorrow will clear my head.

In the meantime I leave you with my new leopard print Converse because my Tom isn't here to give me any of his nice photos. Don't get me started.

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