Thursday, 27 May 2010

Life before bikes

My four-year-old nephew Max has a bike but doesn't ride it yet the bugger. Prefers his micro scooter (which is freakin difficult to ride peops! There's a tree on St Mary's Avenue with a mould of my face in it ... )But I love Max anyway. You know why? Because when he's at nursery he writes stories like this:

Sea Creature Story by Max
There was a big whale on land and the flies came to eat him and he started to smell. When anyone went to the beach they went back home because they didn't like the smell.
The octopus was in the water and a big wave came. A wave took him out of the water. The whale and the octopus both smelled. All the other creatures were in the water. A dolphin was stung by a Portugese man of war jellyfish.
The shark ate the eel and then all the other sea creatures died and there was only a baby whale left.
The End.

Now I may be wrong but with that kind of killer instinct and total disregard for life, we are looking at the next Tour winner.

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