Sunday, 13 July 2008

Still a tiny amount of bike riders

When I commuted to work via public transport (I know! What was that all about eh?) I used to get up an hour earlier just to miss the rush hour.

One of the great things about riding was that it therefore gave me an extra hour in bed.

But not anymore. Now that it's summer, it seems everyone has taken to two wheels whether or not they know how to ride them. The result is a combination of numpties, riders who use their 5 mile cycle to work as an excuse to don lycra and pretend they are fit (dude, really, change gear, you'll go much faster than spinning your legs around that fast) and everyone else fighting with the glass debris for gutter space.

I find that I'm now getting up earlier and leaving work later just to miss the cycle rush hour. So it's quite surprising to hear that a poll by the AA of 18, 500 members found that only 3% cycled daily. OK, AA means they are motorists but 3%?! That's tiny! And only 6% cycled once a week. Come on! There's two days in a weekend!

Even more worrying, considering GB ladies are going to rock the cycling in Beijing and mountain bike chicks like Rachel Atherton and Tracey Mosely kick ass, is the statistic that THREE TIMES as many men than women ride daily. While 21% of guys surveyed rode at least once a month, for women the number was 12%

That's pathetic girls! What are you so afraid of?!

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