Saturday, 14 June 2008

The AA/ RAC service for bikes - is this good?!

As far as I can tell, bicycles are pretty simple machines. Treated logically, they tend to make sense and as such can be fixed relatively easily. The grease on your jeans is another matter obviously.

So when I heard Cycle Training UK offered Cycle Cover insurance which includes cycle rescue cover I was ever so slightly caught between a rock and a hard place.

Good - if you get stuck 50 miles from the nearest town with no tools or brain cells they can come out and fix your bike. But not you.

Bad - the cover is aimed at women which is a tad disturbing as it seems females are still harbouring some strange 'grease-fear'. The only way a bike will ever afford you freedom is if you learn how to fix it yourself. The more you depend on others, the more you'll get ripped off.

So, here is the link for the cycle cover and here is one for a bicycle maintenance course. You decide.

And just in case you want some qualifications - click here

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Lucy said...

Small technical correction...the cycle cover insurance is offered by the CTC. Cycle Maintenance is offered by Cycle Training UK.

And I can recommend it- like you say, the true freedom of owning a bike can only really be experienced if you are able to at least do a quick fix to get you going again should you have a puncture or some other such roadside maintenance glitch. Its really not rocket science, it super simple, especially after training.