Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Smithfield shakes off Fabric....

On Saturday we headed to Smithfields, in the City of London, and we weren't going to the world's most claustrophobic club Fabric.

We were heading towards the Smithfield Nocturne which, despite most of it taking place during the day, is a nighttime bike race now in its second year.
As well as elite riders (freaky - men with no leg hair. Still can't come to terms with it) there was a 'fastest commuter in London' folding bike race which was quality. Although because it took place on a proper roped off track without any kamikaze bus drivers probably can't be a conclusive crowning of said commuter.
Anyway, it seemed to be a gathering of fixed gears which are everywhere at the moment. We got some good photos.

And we got psyched to see such a funky bike atmosphere in town. Folding bikes and fixed gears side by side. Who'd have thought it?

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