Saturday, 14 June 2008

Naked people on bikes in London

Bikes in London - normal

Naked people in London - pretty normal

Naked people on bikes in London - not very normal and vaguely disturbing.

The shenanigans were in aid of World Naked Bike Ride to promote body freedom and ween people off car culture.
The rides have been taking place all over the world and this was the fifth year it had taken place in London.
Around 1,200 riders set off from Hyde Park on a six mile tour of the city and luckily the weather held. It seemed as though most of the people watching were more interested in finally seeing what a man's penis looked like while resting on a saddle (aaaaaah, so that's how it lowers their sperm count) rather than the issues the cyclists were attempting to promote but anytime London traffic is stopped for a bike is good enough for me.

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