Friday, 14 August 2009

7pm and still in the office

Yes I am still here. It's a Friday night and I am in the office, waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Not working, just hanging out with my Mac. Me and the Mac. Been looking at bike stuff for the last hour - well done to Ms Griffiths for a storming run at Crankworx. Laying it down.
Hey, I'm off to Interbike in Vegas in September. Totally can't wait. Gonna be hooking up with Debbie from Minx for a week of schmoozing in the desert. Bikes and sequined hot pants, what's not to love? No, seriously, what? But this weekend it's all about Aston Hill as I try to regain some of the dignity lost last week at Leckhampton Hill when the Orange smacked me in the back after I sailed over the bars. Who else do you know who can trackstand on a 1:1 incline? Yeah, me.

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