Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I love him, but he loves Tom more

So the new addition has been named Scotty Boy. Welcome dear lad, welcome. Took him out for his first ride on Sunday to Brockwell Park BMX track. A six-year-old looked at me after one race around the course and very calmly said: 'Control.' He followed it 10 minutes later with a very precocious: 'Pumping makes you go faster.' Oh if only you knew.

But the Slacker is a pretty darn cool ride, pumping or no. Heavy yes, but whippy and really solid on landing. it has QR on the front but the option of bolt-thru so I may change that later. Not digging the brakes but I knew that. Pair of Hope minis maybe?

Then yesterday I swapped a life on suspension for road riding and attempted stage 6 of the Tour of Britain from Frome to Bideford across Exmoor. I think it's fair to say that road riding can kiss my ass for the near future. It was for a video for the Guardian travel site - should be up September time and I'll pop the link. Exmoor in the pissing rain. Need I say more?

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