Monday, 24 August 2009

Chicksands and a surprising little Norco

So it was a pretty busy weekend all things considered. Tom went off to shoot the Red Bull X Fighters thing which turned out pretty good aparently. And when someone crashes they put big screens up so no one can see the rider being scraped off the floor.

Wish that had been the case at Chicksands on Sunday. We hot footed it up there to do a bike test for the Guardian's podcast and blog, securing a Norco, Commencal, Intense and Santa Cruz. major battle ensued for the Commencal Absolute - freakin lush bike on the 4X course there.

Pedalfeet loving the Norco. Focus.

But biggest surprise was the dainty little Norco Faze 2. Light as a feather but actually a bit of a bitch on the track, although sometimes a bit scary off the big jumps as it felt on landing as if it were going to explode.

The Commencal Meta 4X performed super good on the 4X course but also really nice on the dual slalom DH course and the dirt jumps. Tom took loads of great pictures, Pete from Madison was being super cool (in a very French kind of 'suuuper cooool' way even though he's not French)I caned myself trying to overtake my brother on the inside of the last corner and Stu was just lovin being out on some top quality bikes. Reviews and stuff to follow. Bosh.

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