Friday, 27 November 2009

My goodies, oh my goodies!

So the big G are running a gallery today of things cyclists may want for Christmas. If you can spot the two I added in then you win, well nothing but hey ho. Life's a bummer sometimes.

Needless to say the two I did add in are the best of the bunch - I'm not sure when any self-respecting MTBer would need a red spotty cycle cover but it takes all sorts and hey, I'm not judging. But it has inspired me to create my own Christmas list which I shall add to over the next few weeks despite my mother's 'no pressies this year' plea. Silly lady.


Yes they have diamante on them and yes this will make me go faster. Obvs. Besides, can you show me a girl who doesn't want to sparkle while she hauls ass down a mountain? Thought not. 'Ace' gloves by Troy Lee


It's carbon, it's gold, it's £774.96 for the full set by my calculation. But it's also the SRAM XO drivetrain and as far as I'm concerned that's rad. Here's the bumpf from Sram: 'the X.0 system performs with distinction [as do I - natch]. Our superior 1:1 actuation ratio paired with a NEW super-tough carbon and aluminum cage design results in durability and performance.' Totally feeling that dude.


It's a new rave helmet! Wahoo! I have nothing more to add. Hex helmet by Giro £53.99


I am an absolute sucker for Park Tools. I know, I know, they are twice as expensive as any other brand. But I used to work in PR and I bow deeply to the people behind the brand who have somehow, against all odds, made bike tools cool. I mean, check this out: a bottle opener, that looks like some sort of spanner. Genius. I have lusted after their BBQ set for years but I reckon mum will sway with this bottle opener as it's compatible with all brands of beer and she loves an icy bottle of San Mig.
Park Tools bottle opener £7.99


Attack the pack goddammit! No seriously attack it. I can't I'm bonking. Bonkity bonk bonk. But still. It's a nice sentiment and if I wore this tee at least people would still see me when I cross the finish line after the sun has set. Morvelo t-shirt, £20

I'd also really like a Thermos flask and a Jamie Oliver in USA cook book.
What's on your list?

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trio said...

I have a wish list constantly on my blog, not that I seem to be recieving the presents from it, yet there is always time!