Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Not a post for the boys ...

The only way I am sure I am a writer is because I am consistently and unfalliably wracked with doubt that I can't write. Or at least can't write half as well as pretty much everyone else. Take for example bike blogs. At the moment I'm enjoying one by a lady in Juneau, Alaska called Up in Alaska. Jill writes about her cycling in extreme weather conditions, climbing mountains after work and she takes beautiful pictures to go with them. You can absolutely feel the chill air, or the driving rain and ultimately every post leaves me feeling like for a brief five minutes I was staring at Denali and and not picking chewing gum off the sole of my Converse as I skid to Kings Cross through a sea of skank.

In comparison my blog has only intermittent pictures (I'm not good with anything that inolves eyes) and rarely deals so poetically with the art of living and cycling. But I can't help it. My mind doesn't work like that. I know I should be pursuing a pure life dedicated to the earth and riding it well but what I really want to talk about is: sweet fair Jesus do any women other than me really suffer traumas over the whole bikini wax/ getting on a saddle issue?!

No there will be no pictures to go with this post.

Seriously. I cannot believe the female cycling fraternity are moving around totally unpruned. But the chaffing involved in the alternative is really too much. It's almost getting to a stage with me now when I watch women competing in XC and I want to know what their secret is. Not the secret of their skill, endurance, fitness (I know that - ride lots) but how they can sit on a saddle for that long. Now that's impressive.

My sister has suggested a product called 'In-grow go' (genius I'm sure you'll agree) by the Skin Doctors (not to be confused with ther Spin Doctors who are in fact, legends) but my sister hasn't sat on a bike since her first child. Obviously she could take up DH or 4X and then she'd never have to sit down but she's a bit too skinny for that. God it's hard being a woman in cycling.

I have never read this issue being discussed anywhere before. Is that because us chicks are all so busy being totally rad and gnarly that we just pretend it doesn't happen? Or is it the more simple case of I'm the only one for who this is an issue?

I clearly have to get me to Alaska.

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