Friday, 20 November 2009

There's wisdom in them there hills

I go to college after work every Wednesday night (because I'm trying to improve myself, natch) and on Wednesday I was talking to my friend Nkone about Michael Foucault. I admit, I brought him into the conversation but I maintain it was valid. She was feeling really negative about stuff, nasty people having too much power over her life and making her miserable. I said: 'Hey Nkone, you ever heard of Foucault and his web of power?' and she said: 'No - enlighten me!' So I said: 'Essentially it's the idea that things were not always as they appear to you today and that they can be changed, even at the lowest level so that they will be something different tomorrow. You may not feel like you have the power to influence your life or situations but, dear friend, you do.'
Once she had got over my demonstration of immense intelligence (note the sarcasm), she gasped, awe-struck: 'But how do you regain power over situations where people are crowding you out and making you feel negative?'
And I said: ' I ride my bike.'

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