Thursday, 9 July 2009

Maxxis high rollers and stop the madness!

I'm riding the lovely Orange Sub Zero into work at the moment as I simply cannot be this weak for ever. Riding half a tonne for two hours a day uphill should do the trick. Unfortunately there was a lot of police action in town today and they saw fit to bring in the horses. Which emptied their bowels over the road. Which I cycled through in a daze. Which my Maxxis high rollers promptly spat into my face. Good times!

Anyway, the important business today is you have only until 9 August to sign the petition to stop Europa Oil & Gas exploring on Leith Hill near Dorking. And that includes you guys in Wales or wherever where mountain biking doesn't necessarily mean getting sucked into 12 inches of mud. Have pity on us!

The basic gist is the company want to 'explore' for oil on Leith Hill, slap bang in the centre of the best trails in the south east. This is not allowed. Well it is, but it shouldn't be. It will mean very limited access to the hill for riders, 30 plus HGV's a day rumbling through the area and frankly it's an abomination in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

So get involved. Please.

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