Thursday, 16 July 2009

Yummy, yummy Charge stuff

Well I'm not cool enough to customise my fix gear or use it for anything more than getting MASSIVE thighs for mountain biking BUT. Last night I popped along to the Charge Bikes press day where they had lots of lovely new products. Charge riders Juliet Elliot and Posy Dixon were rocking it and seemed to have the brand well within world domination status.

The new Plug looks very trendy. Quite intrigued by the Skewer - stylishly simple for a road bike and that seems to be a hallmark of Charge. Mixer though? Not convinced. 8-speed hub gear on a commuter bike - changing a punctured back tyre suddenly becomes a bit of a hassle. Fan of a disc brake in any capacity though just because. Whatevs.

Anyway, photos so you can check it all out yourself. Get. In. Volved.


Plug Grinder and the new flashy Plug

I love a great saddle ...

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