Monday, 27 July 2009

Morzine piece finally up and well done Tracy!

So Ms Mosely nabbed third in the UCI Downhill in Mont Ste Anne, upsetting the French 1,2,3. Sabrine and Floriane first and second. Jess Stone came in top 20 - she's rad (18 years-old damn her) and Fionn Griffiths in top 10. Sweet.

Here's the Morzine/ Dirt Girls piece which was in Observer yesterday. Fantastic piece of prose. or no.

Chicksands last weekend. Ride from the station was a bit of a schlep broken only by a can of Red Stripe halfway. Nice. Good mellow day on the dirt jumps and 4X course. Was on the Subzero but heading back next week on a 24seven Slacker. Shall report back obs. And just took delivery of Norco Faze 2 for a bike test for the podcast. Happy, happy days.

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