Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Minehead Nocturne

Good God I'm on fire today. This plopped into my inbox while I was away and no, it's not about mountain biking but it does bill itself as 'the UK's first road race dedicated solely to women' which piqued my interest.

I have yet to verify their statement (it is only 8.33am) but on the surface of it, that's pretty sad. It's 2009! The first?! Ever?! Here's the PR bumf for you to read while I do some research. May need a peanut butter bagel before I tackle it:

This year Minehead will play host to the UK’s first road race dedicated solely to women. The race also has the largest cash prize ever presented in the history of UK women’s cycling.

The country’s top professional female cyclists will compete in the Minehead Nocturne on Friday 7 August at 7.30pm, thanks to organisers Somerset County Council and the South West Bike Academy. The event is also supported by the West Somerset Strategic Partnership and West Somerset Council.

Up to 60 professional female cyclists will battle it out over approximately 30 laps on the 1.6km circuit situated in the town and along the sea front. The winner of the race will receive the Nocturne Express headboard* and a £500 prize – the largest cash prize ever presented for women’s cycling in the UK.

Somerset County Council are also working with local businesses to host ‘Spend A Night On The Town’. This event will run alongside the Nocturne race and provide a host of family entertainment.

Graham Bagley, Somerset County Council’s Tour of Britain Project Manager, said: “Somerset County Council are pleased to be involved in organising the Minehead Nocturne. The event is part of the Women’s National Series race and is likely to attract some of the UK’s best female cyclists.”

Ken Maddock, Leader of Somerset County Council, said: “It is a great opportunity to have the UK’s first ever dedicated female cycling race in Somerset. We hope that families will come along to watch the fast paced racing and enjoy the ‘Spend The Night On The Town’ event.”

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