Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Whoop, whoop! So it's been almost two weeks since the last post and this, people, is because I was mountain biking in Morzine for a few days and then checking out some luuuuuush road routes in the Cevennes in France.

Morzine was totally rad although that goes without saying. Stayed at the Flow mtb chalet and hooked up with Fionn Griffiths and Jo Petterson who promptly pooed all over my riding. They made me look like a brunette barbie doll. You know, the ones that noone buys BECAUSE THEY ARE CRAP. My favourite quote about their riding comes from Sam at More Mountain who gasped as they charged into a berm: "Oh my God! They pedal when they are going downhill!" My excuse is that it poured with rain and I couldn't see ... Neven Steinmetz was also hanging out but was relegated to the chalet with a broken ass she sustained in maribor, poor love.

Boy wonder Humpage (I know) got some fab photos (above is one of Jo kicking ass) and a piece on the riding will be going into the Observer soon which I'll link to when it's done. We initially went out to ride the Passportes du Soleil. It looked like a pretty fun event (free beer ... ) but it wasn't really downhill enough for us so we all headed out to the black runs down to Chatel. Sweet! Ouch.

Cevennes piece to follow shortly just as soon as I piece my ego back together.

Couple more shots:

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